Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Name-day: Marii i Władysława

27 June 2017


  • Marii i Władysława

28 June 2017


  • Leona i Ireneusza

29 June 2017


  • Piotra i Pawła

30 June 2017


  • Emilii i Lucyny

  • About the town

    Tczew is a medium-sized city in Poland; it is one of the major towns in Pomerania. The nearby location of Tricity makes the town an important rail and...
  • Authorities

    The most important persons in the Municipal Office – the mayor and his deputies, the secretary, and the treasurer. Contact them...
  • Bugle-call

    The town's bugle-call premiered on Saturday 30th January 2010, the day of the 750th jubilee of Tczew inauguration. The dignified melody lasting for 45...
Projekt finansowany w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego dla Województwa Pomorskiego na lata 2007 - 2013